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the futures of the past: medical futurism 1974

Better Homes & Gardens, June 1975

Better Homes & Gardens, June 1975

Curative medicine has indeed reached its zenith, and the returns will become less and less.

In reality, the most important diseases which have arisen from our affluent way of life are multi-faceted social problems, requiring the coordinated attack of many diversified disciplines within a new framework or model. This, in contrast to the clinical model, might be called the “community health oriented-peoples model.” It should be clearly understood that this model would not do away with medical care but merely put it in its proper perspective. Rather, the other factors which are of equal or greater importance–such as heredity, adequate housing, employment, life-style, nutrition, education, pollution inside and outside the home, good health habits, preventative services for those diseases which are known to be preventable, and personal responsibility and motivation–constitute components which will make it possible for every human being in this overdeveloped technological society to have the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health, and thereby fulfill his destiny fully.

—  Paul B. Cornley, MD

Letters to the Editor, American Journal of Public Health
September 1974

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